Iron Mask, the power metal masters from Belgium are back after a 4 year break with a neo-classical power metal and most original new album “Master of Masters!

Stronger than ever with their finest album to date!

We are excited and blessed to announce their seventh album “Master Of Masters”, all stars aligned like never before!

Dushan managed to write his best material ever and all 12 songs have that perfect combination of pure metal, easy-listening feel with progressive touches, beautiful orchestrations with virtuos playing and catchy melodies.

The band succeeded again – even during these strange times – to record with full-on passion, energy and fire.

The entire process went fast and smooth, as all was directed by the Gods themselves.

Everything was written, recorded and mixed in less than 6 months!

It has been a long search, but with Mike joining the band as lead vocalist, it’s a perfect fit.

Iron Mask finally found the singing gem and truly committed band member, they’ve been searching for so long and it was hidden in Belgium!

Oliver Hartmann (Avantasia, Hartmann) joined in again for this MASTERpiece and took up one song as guest vocalist and all the album choirs.

After 20 years, 6 albums and the most devoted fans around the world… the best is now to come.

Prepare yourself for the best melodic power metal as of December 4th!

Vassili Moltchanov
Bassguitar and choirs
Dushan Petrossi
Guitars, orchestral arrangements, composing, lyrics.
Mike Slembrouck
Lead Vocalist
Ramy Ali