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May 30, 2023

Alcatraz festival

Our next gig will take place at ALCATRAZ festival on August 12th in Belgium-Kortrijkt, we can't wait to see all of you at the mainstage (Prison)!


September 01, 2020

Master of Masters

On December 4th, 2020 we will be releasing our new album "Master Of Masters".
Follow us here and on Facebook to get all the latest news and updates!
We are looking forward to sent out this "MASTERpiece" into the world :) 

ROCK ON and stay safe!! 

IRON MASK in Argentina!

IRON MASK will be playing in Buenos Aires at the Trastienda Samsung concert hall on the 5th of may!

For the first time for all  our Argentina's  beloved fans ! Be there for a great show !  

September 24, 2017

Tour update

So... end of September... summer has past and all holidays are over... back to work, back to school...

But don't forget; work hard, play hard... or better said ROCK HARD!!!

Check our upcoming shows and don't miss us.

Diego will not only sing the most popular songs, but we also guarantee some new kick ass music of the "Diabolica" release...

We hope to see all of you there.

Vouziers metal festival in France

One more festival is added to the tour section! Be there for a great metal fest!

February 01, 2017

Tour update!

Our tour section has been updated!

More gigs and festivals to be announced , stay tuned!


September 29, 2016


Release of the 6th Iron Mask album "DIABOLICA".

We are proud to say that our 6th album is being released on Friday, September 30th by AFM Record Label.

This album will take you along on an epic journey that you will, hopefully, enjoy with all your heart and soul. 

A masterpiece of symphonic, fast, power metal that you'll never get tired off!

Every song has the strength to make you headbang, sing-a-long or imagine yourself into another world.

We have put our blood, sweat and tears in every single tune and note, to create something you'd all love.

Order your album in our shop and enjoy the art we create from the depths or our being.

Vocals: Diego Valdez

Bass: Vassili Moltchanov

Drums: Ramy Ali

Composing, lyrics, guitar, choirs and orchestrations: Dushan Petrossi


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September 20, 2016

Discover the new website.

Welcome to the new IRON MASK website.

Constant changes are among us and we don't stay behind.
You will find all information and upcoming events right here.

Click your way through our new home.

In discography and news you can read all about new releases and previous accomplishments.

Via contact you can reach us for concerts, interviews or just to send your support.
Don't miss out on our great merchandising, you can find and buy everything we have on the tab shop.

Want to see us and rock along on the Iron Mask tunes? 
Check where you can find us closeby on the tab tour.Via 

Welcome, stay tuned and like us on Facebook!!
We will update our website with news about the band and the musicians, behind the scene footage, new updates and gigs... 

Don't hesitate to share our website and our Facebook!
Let our music go around the world and we hope to touch every single one of you with our art.

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